Luchi- how to make perfect Luchi

Luchi is a very popular deep fried bread in Bengali, Oriya and Assamese cuisine. This is very easy to make and doesn’t require yeast, that’s why it’s called unleavened bread. As it’s a very well known food and everybody knows how to make Luchi, so I never thought to blog about it. But recently I felt that there are many people who don’t know how to make Luchi perfectly; but very eager to make this including some foreign people I interacted on Instagram. So the urge to write a blog post on Luchi derives from within. I tried to write this post in detail; I included every point I know or I’ve experienced while making Luchi. I’ve learnt this from my mom and I’ve grown up eating this. There are some tricks to make puffy luchis every time; you’ll master the art with practice and time. I wish and I hope that this post will help you to make perfect ‘luchi’ if you haven’t made this before.

Luchi with Aloor Dom
Luchi with Aloor Dom

Luchi- how to make perfect Luchi

Yields: approx 20


  • All purpose flour/Maida- 1½ Cup
  • Wheat flour/Atta- ¼ Cup
  • Salt- ¼ tsp
  • Water as required
  • Vegetable oil- ¼ Cup + more for frying


For making ‘Luchi’ the wheat flour part is completely optional, but strongly recommended. Many people make luchi using maida only, but I’ve seen my Mom always used to add some wheat flour into the dough. It brings out much better taste than those Luchi made with 100% maida. Due to atta the color of Luchi will vary from complete white to pale golden. To me that doesn’t matter much.

In a bowl add maida, atta, 1/4 cup oil and salt. Mix well using your fingers. The flour mixture will become crumbly in texture. Now add water slowly, and knead until smooth, lump free dough forms. I knead the dough on my kitchen counter to get a large free space for smooth kneading. The final dough will be smooth, soft and completely non-sticky.

Make lemon sized balls out of the dough.

Lemon sized ball
Lemon sized ball

At the time of rolling apply few drops of oil on each ball. Do this for one ball at a time, when you are begin to rolling. And grease the rolling surface with little oil too; you need to do this every time before rolling each ball. Start rolling evenly; the approx length of luchi should be 4”-5”measured by diameter. Luchi should not be thick, neither very thin, check out the picture for reference.

Rolled luchi
Rolled luchi

Keep the rolled luchis aside. Keep them separate from each other; otherwise they will stick with one another.

Meanwhile heat 3 cups of oil in a deep frying pan/kadai. The oil should be hot not smoky. Start to fry luchi on high flame, one at a time. When the oil becomes very hot reduce the flame little bit. But don’t fry them on low flame; otherwise they wouldn’t be puffed up. It will take less than a minute to fry one luchi. Check my video for how to fry Luchi perfectly. You don’t need to give gentle pressure on top of the luchi at the time of frying with your perforated spoon or spatula whatever you’re using. Just keep on splashing oil from the edges with the spatula and flip luchi after 10-12 seconds approx, fry the other side quickly. It’ll take few more seconds. Take them out in a big bowl.

Serve immediately with Potato sabji, Dum aloo, Kosha mangsho etc.; options are endless to pair luchi with actually. 😀


If you fry luchi for little longer time, say for few more seconds, it may harden. So timing is very important. We want our luchi to be soft and puffy not hard and crisp.

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Puffy Luchi
Puffy Luchi

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  1. I haven’t heard of luchi before, so thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks so perfectly puffed up!


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