Narkel die Chanka tel e Bhaja Chinre/Deep fried Poha with grated Coconut

You need to forget the calorie count sometimes. Especially when ‘Puja’ is knocking at the door. ‘Durga Pujo’, the biggest festival of Bengalis is just a few days away.

What I would make for today’s breakfast? Like every other day when this question was haunting me this morning, suddenly a picture of the past how we used to have chinrebhaja as a whole family sitting together back home came into my mind. A part of me lives in memories every day, for some other reason. I asked my hubby ‘will you like to have chinrebhaja on breakfast’? He said ‘yes’. And that’s it.

I ran towards kitchen. Quickly arranged the ingredients for this and started frying. I couldn’t remember when the last time I had this, may be 10 years back or more. When we stated eating the taste was grasping my mind with so many memories that I can’t describe them into words. If you’re a person staying far away from home, then only you can understand that what memories certain food can brings.

My mom used to cook this occasionally, as this version of ‘chinrebhaja’ (fried poha in Bengali) was high on oil. But among other versions of fried poha this tastes best. Each grain of poha becomes puffy and flaky due to deep frying, and from there the actual taste comes. It’s a typical Bengali style breakfast or perfect for evening snacking too. My father and my uncles have grown up eating this. As Baba told me earlier, Granny used to fry this in a large amount almost every day. And all the brothers including Baba used to enjoy their bowl of this goodness with fresh grated coconut followed by a generous amount of sugar as an after office evening snack. No one count calories in those days, people loved to eat real good food, that’s all.

Try this version of ‘chinrebhaja’ if you haven’t had this before. You’ll love it for sure! 🙂

Narkel die Chanka tel e Bhaja Chinre/Deep fried Poha with grated Coconut
Narkel die Chanka tel e Bhaja Chinre/Deep fried Poha with grated Coconut

Narkel die Chanka tel e Bhaja Chinre/Deep fried Poha with grated Coconut

Serves: 2


  • Poha/Chinre/Rice flakes- 1½ cups
  • Fresh grated coconut- I grated half of one medium sized coconut
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Sugar as per taste


Heat 1 cup of vegetable oil in a deep frying pan/kadai. Start frying by adding poha in small quantity, not more than 2 tbsp at a time. They will be puffed up within seconds, remove them quickly with a slotted spoon in a bowl. Fry all the poha like this. Fry them on medium flame, if the oil heats up too much poha may burn, so lower the flame in between.

Now divide the fried poha into bowls. Top with generous amount of grated coconut followed by sugar (I add 1 tsp sugar for each person; adjust this according to your taste). Mix well and serve immediately.

Pujo is coming! :)
Pujo is coming! 🙂





  1. We have something similar, but we don’t fry the poha. We use the flattened type and have it with grated jaggery/ sugar, grated coconut and a pinch of elaichi. It tastes even better when mashed bananas are added. Good to see so much similarity in cuisines across India… 🙂


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