How to soak Dry Fruits for Rich Fruit Cake

I’m making Rich Fruit Cakes for some years now. But my blog doesn’t have any rich fruit cake recipe yet. Well, the answer is I get too much busy every year during this time as I take orders for fruit cakes. And I always have some travel plans too during the winter vacation. So, the busy time has started already. And I’m little late for this post. πŸ˜› But better late than never.

Soaking dry fruits is a very easy thing to do. If you like rich, boozy fruit cake, you’ll love to do this. Making rich fruit cake from scratch is a fantastic experience. πŸ™‚

I’m sharing my version here, the way I soak dry fruits for Rich Fruit cake every year. I’ll post the fruit cake recipe shortly. If you’re following me on facebook or instagram, you’ll get the updates right on time!

Soaking Dry fruits with Rum
Soaking Dry fruits with Rum

How to soak Dry Fruits for Rich Fruit Cake



  • Almonds- 100g
  • Cashew nuts- 100g
  • Pistachios- 25g

Dried fruits

  • Sultana/Golden raisins- 50g
  • Currants- 50g
  • Tutti frutti- 50g
  • Glazed cherries- 25g
  • Dried Apricots- 25g
  • Dates- 25g


Rum or Brandy as required


Chop the nuts, dates and apricots. Cut the glazed cherries into slices lengthwise. I don’t chop raisins and currants, but you can chop them, that is your personal preference.

Mix all the fruits and nuts in a bowl. Now transfer them to a clean wide mouth glass container/jar with a tight lid. Pour rum or brandy on this. The dry fruits and nuts should be covered completely with alcohol. Close the lid. Shake well, or else you can give this a gentle stir with a spoon before covering with lid. Keep this in a cool, dark place. And don’t forget to stir this mixture after 2-3 days. Keep doing this until you bake the cake.

You’ll notice the alcohol quantity will reduce with time; this is natural because the fruits absorb the alcohol. So, add some more rum/brandy at this stage.


  • You can add candied peel into this. Add candied orange peel and candied ginger peel, 2 tbsp each if using.
  • This fruit mixture can be stored up to one year.
  • Keep this in refrigerator if the weather is hot and humid.
  • The minimum time duration of soaking the fruits is one week before baking the cake.
  • Always store this mixture in glass container.
Soaking Dry fruits with Rum
Soaking Dry fruits with Rum
Rum soaked Dry Fruits
Rum soaked Dry Fruits


  1. Hello , how to make a non-alcoholic version of this?

  2. When will you post the recipe for the cake? I will soak this today πŸ™‚

  3. This looks so rich and perfect. I have prepared once Alton Brown Christmas Cake – it was yum!! When I will share mine, I will link to yours.

  4. its almost a year recipe…heheheh..i already put my fruits in brandy for over a week now..i have some idea so now just seeking for a good recipe…

  5. I washed the raisins before soaking in alcohol… Is it going to be a problem?

  6. would like to make fruit cake in the next few days could I soak fruit for over night only

  7. Mitoshi saha

    Hi I have soaked my dry fruits in red wine.I don’t want my cake to be too much alcoholic. So in between when the wine gets dry what can I add into it?

  8. I had soaked cashews, raisins, cherries last year in Rum and kept it in the refrigerator, can I still use the mixture… can we decide if the mixture is still good??

  9. Hi I have soaked the fruits in rum( black currant, cashew nuts, dates,prunes &raisins) & its been 10 days now.. every alternative day I used to open the jar n give a mix too.. but ithe fruits fully absorbed the liquid , if I add more rum, it Wil give a different taste to the cake or is it okay? Pls give ur suggestions

    • Hi Roshna! Adding rum is absolutely fine if the fruits have soaked up the alcohol. I’ve mentioned this in the recipe too. It wouldn’t change the taste of the cake. Hope this helps.

  10. If I don’t want to use any alcohol what else can I soak dry fruits in for the fruit cake


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