Fruit Cake Spice mix

Mumy (wife of my maternal uncle) was the only baker in our family until I developed my interest in baking. Few months back I called her to know her recipe for ‘Rich Fruit Cake’. The cake we’ve grown up eating. As a child Christmas means to us decorating a tall Christmas tree at Mama’s place and mumy’s homemade Cake. Mumy was from a Christian family. She inherits baking skills in her genes. While briefing me about the recipe of Christmas Cake, she told me, “Shift the flower along with the spice powder”. ‘Spice powder’ what is that? I curiously asked. She smiled and replied, “It’s a spcl. Spice mix I’ve learnt to make from my mother”.

Then she shared that secret recipe with me. This spice powder not only makes the cake delicious and aromatic. It makes your job easy. You just need to add a small amount of this into any fruit cake batter. No need to grind the whole spices separately every time while you’re going to make a cake. Just make a fresh batch of this spice mix and use it for your holiday bakes.

Fruit Cake Spice mix
Fruit Cake Spice mix

Fruit Cake Spice mix


  • Nutmeg- 5 (lightly crushed into rough pieces)
  • Cinnamon (broken into small pieces) – ¼ cup
  • Cloves- 1 tbsp


Add all the spices in your mixer/grinder. Grind until a fine powder like spice mix forms.

Store in an airtight container or jar.


  • If your climate is humid then store this in your refrigerator for a longer, fungus free shelf life.
  • Use this spice mix in any type of dry fruit cakes or gingerbread cookies.
  • Add 1 tsp of spice mix if your cake/cookie recipe calls for 1 cup of flour.
  • The ingredients can be easily doubled as per your requirement.
Spice mix Ingredients
Spice mix Ingredients




  1. I did not know this is called cake mix but I use this combination anyway in all of my cakes and baked goods 🙂 This is one amazing combination – isn’t ? Sometimes I add white pepper powder and all-spices. It adds a bit of kick to all baked goods 🙂

  2. This is step 2 after soaking the fruits..? So now, waiting for the final step 🙂


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