bon happétee App: Your Daily Nutrition Guide- a review

Have you ever seen a thin looking foodie? A foodie can’t help but indulge himself. And, in the process more often than not invites weight gain. But, if a foodie wants to lose weight without compromising his/her love for food, can he/she do that?

Well, believe it or not, IT IS POSSIBLE!! Bon happétee says it can make it POSSIBLE. I came to know about this mobile app a few weeks ago, and I’m using it since then.

This app is unique in its proposition that it makes us believe that we can lose those extra pounds by eating sweets and pizzas and whatever that we foodies in general love to eat. Yes, you heard it right, no Dietician or Nutritionist would recommend you or allow you to eat sweets or fried foods when you’re following a strict diet for weight loss. Food is connected to our emotions, eating an Aloo Paratha not only satiates our taste buds, but also satisfies our soul. It gives us much more than any bowl of cereals or salads can do. And, that’s what bon happetee says – do not stop yourself from eating what your soul craves for. It puts the fun back in losing weight. You can download the app from here.

bon happétee App
bon happétee App

bon happétee is a mobile app that integrates your lifestyle, your goals, and your taste preferences to arrive at nutrition course and activity recommendations made just for you. And it works till it succeeds, till you succeed. It’s your personal nutrition guide, only more delicious. It starts with you by understanding your body metabolism, lifestyle, taste and food preferences and your behaviour enough to nudge you in the right direction. bon happétee is introducing the concept of simplified health (eat what you love, love what you eat) by making use of data and applied mathematics to build a self-learning recommendation engine in a scalable manner. The best part is, you can totally customize your meal plan through this app right after logging in from choosing your food culture to selecting your food preferences and so on.

Here is my experience with the app. After logging in to the app there are 3 options you can find (see the picture below).

bon happétee App
bon happétee App

I selected the 3rd option. Then I choose ‘non-vegetarian’ option from the food preferences given there. Then I selected my food culture as ‘Bengali’. To build up my taste profile, the app then showed me different foods, some of them were Bengali and some popular Mughlai food and sweets were also there among the options. I selected a few which brought me to building my Metabolic Profile. This was the most important part of the app where one has to fill up correct information; otherwise, the user cannot be benefited by the app. In the next step, there are descriptive options from where the app understands our Lifestyle. This is another important step to choosing carefully while browsing the app, because depending on your ‘Lifestyle’, the app suggests daily calorie intake.

It suggested me a calorie intake in the range of 1690-1932 for 3 months to maintain my weight.

bon happétee App
bon happétee App suggested my calorie intake like this

It suggested me a calorie intake in the range of 1690-1932 for 3 months to maintain my weight. bon happétee kept me notified before every meal so that I didn’t forget to update the app with the information on my eats. One day, around noon, I felt the urge to eat (even though I had a good breakfast) and I asked this app whether I could eat Butter Cookies with Coffee Espresso. The meal score that it gave me was 2 on 10 – which was quite low. However, it gave me the option to ‘Fix My Meal’ which is a beautiful feature in the app. It not only fixes a meal, but also shows you why you should fix it, gives proper feedback on your chosen meal and lets you understand the nutrition chart by comparing the target nutrition and actual nutrition of your chosen food. So, I asked the app to Fix My Meal as it was not happy with my selection of only Coffee and Cookies. It instantly suggested me to add a ½ bowl of ‘Tomato Idli Upma’ if I wanted to score a 10 on 10. I was super impressed! 

bon happétee App
10 on 10 score on bon happétee App after fixing my meal

This app behaves in the most logical manner to give us proper nutrition goals.

You can always edit your food preferences, plan speed etc. which are other flexible features of this app. Don’t forget to check your weight at regular intervals, say once in a month and update it on the app to get the correct suggestions on daily calorie intake.

Easy to access with friendly UI, I’ve found this app smart enough to keep us healthy and happy in a delicious way. This is revolutionary, try it out! 


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