Rum Ball

‘Not Out of the Box’ is turning ‘3’ today. OMG!! Really! I just can’t believe this! 😀 Thanks for all your love & support through out the time. Thanks for trying out my recipes. Thanks for the comments, mails and thanks for keeping constant faith on me. I really need these things. Maintaining a blog single-handedly is a lot of hard work. I want to keep doing all these things passionately for the rest of my life, just be with me, that’s all I want! 🙂

This day demands something special to be made, and one can’t thing about something else except ‘Rum Balls’, when a Dark Chocolate Cake breaks accidentally. Sometimes accidents are meant for good, you know. 😉 This recipe is an ode to the variety of Rum Ballls what I’ve grown up eating from different popular bakeries in Kolkata. Flurys, Monginis, Kathleen etc. I tried to keep the recipe simple, it’s very easy to make. These dark chocolate coated rum balls are simply sinful, gorgeous and completely melt in mouth. One can’t stop at one, guaranteed! 🙂

Rum Ball
Rum Ball

Rum Ball


Yields: 9-10 regular sized rum ball

  • Finely ground cake crumbs from a chocolate cake
  • Dark Rum- ½ cup
  • Raisins- 2 tbsp (I used a mix of currants and raisins)
  • Dark chocolate (I used Bournville)- 100g (broken into pieces)


Soak the raisins into rum for a day or two, keep refrigerated.

In a bowl add cake crumbs, soaked raisins (Add raisins only, not the rum. Don’t discard either, keep the rum for later use.). Now add 2 tbsp rum into this. Mix well using your fingers and start to make smooth balls out of this mixture.

Melt the dark chocolate using a double boiler. Line a tray with butter paper. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate, I did this with the help of a spoon. Gently coat the balls with chocolate and place them quickly on paper lined tray. You can sprinkle some grated chocolate or chocolate sprinkles on top of the balls, as I did. Keep in the fridge overnight or minimum for 5-6 hours. Serve cold.


The more you keep them in the fridge, the more mature test you will get. I kept these balls for a day in my refrigerator before serving.

Rum Ball
Rum Ball


  1. I would like to enrol myself for this.



  2. Happy blogging anniversary! 3 years is such an achievement & what a delicious recipe too! These rum balls look very chocolat-y rich and moorish.

  3. Hi,

    Please let me know if I can use whisky instead of rum.

  4. This comes out soo good. Thanks


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